Business consulting

Apphive Consulting

Our Business Consulting leads Digital Transformation Projects

> Custom consulting from the Business Layer to the Technology and Data Layer
> Innovation Projects
> Strategy and Transformation
> Process and Capability Improvement
> Technological Architectures
> Integration of Leading Industry Vertical Solutions
> Rapid Development of Mobile Solutions with Integration to Legacy and Third-Party Systems (leveraging our own Apphive technology)

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Apphive Consulting

Activos reutilizables

Planeación de Tareas
Planeación de Rutas
Localización y Control
Portal de Proveedores 
Gestión de Pedidos
Gestión de Citas
Venta y Entrega 
Transporte y Distribución
Re-Logística (Logística Inversa)
Portal de Cancelaciones
Gestión de Documental
Gestión de Entrenamiento
Gestión de Cumplimiento
Recolección y Entrega
Comercio electrónico
Motor de búsqueda
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Specific Services

Turn your ideas into reality with Apphive's expert consulting. We offer strategic guidance, market analysis, and tailored solutions for startups and established businesses. Unlock your business's full potential with us.
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Design Thinking

Support in Design Thinking for Innovation in your Business Areas

Turnkey Projects

App Design and Development, Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Projects

Staff Training

Training for your organizational areas on using our platform

Data Preparation and Testing

Comprehensive App Testing (from data preparation to black, gray, and white box testing)

Our Solutions

Integrated Commerce

Incremental digital transformation for traditional businesses.

Shipping Automation

Shipping engine from multiple centers, optimizing time and costs.

ThiLast-Mile Delivery by Companiesrd Feature

Delivery provider selection
engine, regardless or sales channels.
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Flexibilization of Delivery Points

System for defining multiple delivery points across sales channels.
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