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Awesome Features

Native features

Connect with your customers, develop mobile applications for all types of business


You can add navigation options through Google Maps, allowing you, or your user, access the tracking information.


Allow your user to register their information, so when them come back, they can just login.

Push notification

Send alerts to your users through notifications, this allows you to keep them informed of all the news.


Integrate APIs in minutes. Apphive is the best app development software, it gives you flexible, yet simple to use, design options, all in one!


You can add an image gallery in your application to add style and show your products and services


You can use the local database from your device or online from a cloud, either way, you can edit it as your mobile application needs it.


This functions allow to the user make payments from the app using a platform like Stripe: https://stripe.com/


The navigation function allow to the user change, replace or return the any screen, you can set in the page transition entry var.

Arithmetic operations

With this function you can perform calculations and arithmetic operations such as: addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

Take a photo

You can use the camera of your mobile device, activate the camera and take a photo to complement your project.

Google maps

Add the function of Google Maps, so that with this tool you can view the maps and directions that your project needs.

Login with Google and Facebook

Login with Facebook or Google allows your users to identify themselves with their social networks. It is simple and practical.


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Would you like your customers to order products from their favorite restaurant? With this template you can buy four apps: users, delivery man, restaurant and administrator to control your business from your phone

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With this template, your clients can request a transport service to take them to their destination, pay from your phone and rate the trip. This template includes the user, driver and administrator app

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Tracking Services

Do you need an app for your customers to send a package? Buy this template and offer packing services

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