Terms and Conditions of Use

This legal notice is an agreement between the User and APPHIVE Inc. and is intended to regulate the content and use of the services of APPHIVE Inc. on the Website WWW.APPHIVE.IO, (hereinafter APPHIVE).

The use of APPHIVE gives you the status of user of the Portal (hereinafter, the "User") and implies full and unreserved acceptance of each provision included in this Legal Notice whenever the User access the Portal. Therefore, the User must carefully read this Legal Notice every time they intend to use the Portal, since it may be modified.

This document represents the entire agreement between the User and APPHIVE and regulates the use of the Portal, its services, its content, etc. replacing any previous agreement or contract, whether oral or written, between the User and APPHIVE. Likewise, the User will be subject to the additional terms and conditions that may be applicable when using affiliated services, content published by third parties, or third-party software.

Some of the services offered in this Portal, are governed by these general conditions in addition to the legal notices that may be inserted in the lower part of each site. You must also carefully read the corresponding Particular Conditions.

Likewise, the use of the Portal is regulated by all notices, use regulations and instructions, published by APPHIVE, which substitute, complete and/or modify this Legal Notice.

APPHIVE intends to provide users, directly or indirectly, access to a series of on-line services, including without limitation: enquiries through contact forms, subscription to a newsletter that will be sent periodically via email, online payments, informative content, personalized content, editorials, among other illustrative content to ease the user’s tasks and entertainment and enrich their knowledge.


To access APPHIVE, the User must have a computer with Internet connection, either by telephone or any other technology that provides said service, which APPHIVE does not offer to users; therefore, you are responsible for the costs arising from the connection and access to the Internet. The User undertakes not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit for any commercial purpose, any part of the content or services in the Portal, use of the services, or access to the services.

In order to use and have access to APPHIVE, the User must create an account as described on the website. When creating the account, the User will be obliged to provide data as described on the website. The User will be responsible for the use of and access through their account, and will be solely responsible for the false statements or inaccurate information provided and the damages caused to APPHIVE or third parties due to the provided information.

As soon as you know or have reasons to assume that your Account and/or data has fallen into the hands of unauthorized third parties, you must inform APPHIVE immediately to the email [email protected], in addition to your obligation to take the necessary legal measures, such as changing the password.

When creating an APPHIVE User account, access is private and the User has access to a variety of services that allow the creation of dynamic mobile applications (apps) without the need to write code or program, and the User can save templates at various levels: components, elements of the app as images: icons, text, etc. Functions such as: links, GPS, database, etc. Independent screens such as: login, home, store, etc., (hereinafter the Service or Services). You may use the Services for personal or business purposes, in private or public mode.

When saving the app, it remains private and can only be viewed or edited with the unique access of each User. If you want someone else to visualize your app, you can do so by sharing your access, this being the direct responsibility of the User and not of APPHIVE.

In the Free mode, the User can use all the functions to develop the app without needing any payment. If the User wants someone else to visualize their application, it must be published. The publish button refers the User to the various payment plan options that APPHIVE has. When publishing, in Free mode, the App becomes a free template for other users to use within the website.

If you have a free subscription and remain inactive (without any access to your account) for more than 3 months, a reminder notification is generated. After 6 months of being inactive, all content that is not published will be deleted.

If you want someone else to visualize your App, it must be published. The publish button opens several payment options: ENTREPRENEUR, PREMIUM and UNLIMITED and the costs can be found in the portal.

a) Private or Entrepreneur Plan. When publishing and paying the ENTREPRENEUR plan, other users can view the app thanks to the renderer, however, if the User so decides, it can not be used as a template for other APPHIVE users.

b) Premium Plan. When publishing and paying the PREMIUM plan, other users can view the app thanks to the renderer, and it can be a private template, if the User so decides. In addition, it can be published in the Play Store and the APPHIVE store (if the User accepts).

c) Unlimited Mode. When publishing and paying the UNLIMITED plan, other users can view the app thanks to the renderer, and it can be a private template, if the User so decides. In addition, it can be published in the Play Store, App Store and the APPHIVE store (if the User accepts).

Privacy policy

The personal information that you provide to APPHIVE through the Service is governed by APPHIVE's Privacy Policy and Users may access it from any page of our portal. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their username, password and other confidential information, they are responsible for all the activities carried out in their user account and in case of unauthorized use of their account, the Users will have the obligation to immediately notify by email to [email protected] or call to any of the numbers listed at https: // www.apphive.io. APPHIVE is not responsible for any damages to the User or third parties incurred as a result of any unauthorized access and/or use of the user's account.


Anyone under 18 years who become APPHIVE Users must have the prior consent of their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who in turn will be fully responsible for all acts performed by minors under their care. They will also be responsible for determining what content and services are suitable to be known by the minors.

Access and use of the content and services in the Portal

The User acknowledges and accepts that the intellectual property of all information, data, texts, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages or other materials, whether publicly announced or privately transmitted, are property of APPHIVE.

If the User decides to make use of any service or tool that allows the User to publish any information or content on the Portal, the User commits and is bound to use the APPHIVE tools in accordance with the applicable laws, the moral, good customs, public order and the contents of this Legal Notice.

Including without limitation, the User agrees and is bound not to use the Services to:

- enter, publish, send by email or otherwise transmit any Content that goes against applicable laws, morals, good customs or Content that harms, threatens, abuses, attacks, defames, slanders, violates the privacy of third parties, generates racial and/or ethnic and/or religious hatred or in any other way is contrary to what is established in this User Agreement, in which case APPHIVE may, immediately upon becoming aware of such use, suspend User Services, and the User will have five days to remedy said use or to express to APPHIVE what is convenient thereto;

- impersonate another person or entity, introduce false, altered or distorted data causing error, confusion, misunderstanding or deception;

- forge headings or otherwise manipulate identifiers to conceal the origin of any content transmitted through the Services;

- enter, publish, send emails or otherwise transmit any content that you have no right to transmit under any law or under any contractual or fiduciary relationship (such as inside information, proprietary or confidential information known or disclosed as part of a labor relationship or under confidentiality agreements);

- enter, publish, copy, profit with and/or send emails or otherwise transmit any content that infringes any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secrets, reproduction rights or any other right of industrial and/or intellectual property of any third party and/or of APPHIVE;

- introduce, publish, send emails or otherwise transmit any advertising, promotional material, junk mail, chain letters, scam pyramids, or any other form of offer, except in those areas of APPHIVE expressly designated for that purpose (for example, sectors of car advertisements);

- enter, publish, send emails or in any other way transmit any material that contains viruses from computer programs or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer program, hardware or telecommunications equipment;

- interrupt the normal flow of dialogue, cause rapid scrolling of the screen at a speed at which other users of the Services are unable to write with the computer keyboard, or otherwise act in a way that adversely affects the ability of other users to interact in real time (real time exchanges);

- interfere with or interrupt the Services and/or the servers or internal networks connected to the Services; infringe any applicable law in the national territory, be it municipal, provincial, local, state, federal or international law, including without limitation, regulations promulgated by any Stock Exchange in which specific stock exchange transactions are made and/or any another similar, as well as any regulation in force, either intentionally or unintentionally;

- in any way, harass another person;

- collect or store personal data about others; and,

- enter the personal services of other people and access their personal information, email account, etc.

- any other activity that is contrary to good customs.

The User accepts that it is the sole responsibility of the Users to evaluate and take the risk associated with the use of any Content, including that related to the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the Content; therefore, you expressly acknowledge that you can not rely on the content made available by APPHIVE.

Likewise, the User acknowledges and accepts that APPHIVE may maintain and keep in its files personal information, User Content and Open Forums and may also disclose it due to a mandate of law and/or if required by a competent authority or if in good faith such maintenance or disclosure is considered reasonably necessary to serve as evidence in legal proceedings, whether administrative or judicial; the User also commits to comply with the content of this document, respond to claims that involve any content that violates the rights of third parties, or protect the rights, property, or safety of APPHIVE and its Users and society in general.

Concerning the use of specific Services contained in APPHIVE and the Open Forums, the User must abide by the provisions of this Legal Notice and, and consult and adhere to the Specific Agreements in each of the Services.

Likewise, the User must abstain from using the Content illegally, for purposes or effects contrary to the applicable laws, the place of residence of the User, and/or the place from which the Services are accessed, the moral, good customs and/or public order: also abstain from reproducing, copying, distributing, allowing public access through any form of public communication, transforming or modifying the content, without having the prior authorization of the owner of the corresponding rights, deleting, evading or manipulating copyrights, trademarks, patents, and other identifying data of the rights of APPHIVE or of its holders incorporated to the Content, as well as the technical protection devices, fingerprints or any other mechanisms of information that the content may contain; and abstain from using the content and, in particular, information of any kind obtained through APPHIVE or the Services, to send advertising, communications for the purpose of direct sale or with any other kind of commercial purpose, unsolicited messages directed to a plurality of persons regardless of the purpose, as well as to abstain from marketing or disclosing in any way said information.

APPHIVE states and the User accepts that the download of any content in the Portal, or through any of the services provided by APPHIVE, performed by the User, will be at their own discretion and risk, therefore, the User will be solely responsible for any damage to their computer equipment, any of its accessories or system, as well as the loss or impairment of data contained therein.

Users who decide to send or publish any type of content, whether photos, texts, videos, graphics or any other, to be included within the Portal in the general access areas, accept and agree to grant APPHIVE the universal, in perpetuity, irrevocable, non-exclusive and totally sublicensable right, as well as the license for the use, reproduction, modification, adaptation, publication, translation, the creation of works derived from the original, distribution, execution and presentation of said Content in whole or in part, to incorporate it into another work in any form, means, or technology now known or developed later.

If you do not agree with that stated in the preceding paragraph, you must refrain from sending Content and/or material not requested by APPHIVE.

The User must refrain from obtaining and even trying to obtain content through APPHIVE or the Services through means or procedures other than those that, as the case may be, have been made available for such purpose or have been indicated for this purpose in the websites of the Portal in which the Contents are found, or in general of those that are normally used on the Internet for this purpose.


If APPHIVE receives a complaint from any person against the User regarding their activities as part of the use of the Services, or any complaint of illegal use of trademark, illicit content or other irregularities that other users observe in Apps created in Apphive, they may report them to [email protected] and APPHIVE will send the complaint to the main email address of their user account. The User must respond directly to the person making the claim within 10 days of receiving the complaint that APPHIVE sent. If the User does not respond within 10 days of receiving the email from APPHIVE, the latter may disclose their name and contact information to the claimant so that the claimant may take legal action against them. The User states that the lack of response to the complaint submitted within the time limit of 10 days will be interpreted as their consent to the disclosure of the User’s name and contact information by APPHIVE to the claimant.

Modifications, cancellation, suspension and termination of services

The provision of the Portal service and of the other Services has an indefinite duration. However, APPHIVE may terminate or suspend the provision of the Portal service and/or any of the services at any time, without prejudice to what has been provided in this Legal Notice or the corresponding Conditions established for each service in the particular.

You are responsible for the cancellation of your own account. A request by email or telephone to cancel your account is not considered a cancellation. You can cancel your account at any time by following the instructions on the platform.

All your Content will be removed immediately from the Service at the time of cancellation. This information can not be recovered once your account is canceled. APPHIVE is not and will not be responsible for the loss of any Content.

If you cancel the Service before the end of your current payment period, your cancellation will take effect immediately and you will not be charged again. There will be no refund of unused fees. APPHIVE does not commit to warn the Users prior the modification, cancellation, suspension or termination of the Portal services.

Regarding the services requiring previous registration of the User, APPHIVE may at any time cancel or discontinue your password, account (or any part of it) or your use of the Service and remove or delete any Content within the Service for any reason, including without limitation, the lack of use, or in case of considering that the User has violated or acted against this document or the essence of the Portal.

Therefore, the User accepts that APPHIVE will not be responsible in any case before the User or third parties for any termination of their access to the services. APPHIVE will have the right to modify or discontinue the content of the Portal or any of its services or any part thereof, temporarily or permanently, at any time and periodically.

APPHIVE will not be liable to users or third parties for any modification, suspension, or interruption of the Service.

APPHIVE may withdraw or suspend at any time and without prior notice the provision of the Services to those Users who fail to comply with the provisions of this Legal Notice.

Publicity and links to other websites

APPHIVE offers through its Portal links to other websites, outside APPHIVE, through links, banners, buttons or other devices that allow the User direct access to the aforementioned sites, in order to provide the User with access thereto and their content. APPHIVE will not be responsible for the damages that derive from: the operation, availability, access or continuity of the sites to which it provides links.

The maintenance of information, content and services of the sites to which it links, as well as the publication of content and provision of services in the aforementioned sites are unrelated to APPHIVE.

Fees and refund.

All prices related to the Service are subject to change by APPHIVE at any time, without prior notice and without any liability for APPHIVE.

Unless otherwise agreed upon by APPHIVE, a valid credit or debit card is required to pay the subscription plans or through pay pal.

Once the user has their app in stores, they must pay the plan each month to continue in it. The Billing Service will automatically issue the invoice with the information that the User provides to APPHIVE. If APPHIVE stops receiving the payment, the User has a lapse of 10 days before the app is blocked and the User stops viewing it.

When you stop paying the plan, the content is blocked, the User's content will not become a Template to be used by APPHIVE, or any other user of the platform, the only way to continue editing is by: paying or making it in free mode, in the latter case, it could be shared in APPHIVE but not in stores.

When the App is published in Google Play and App Store, they may deny the publication of the app due to irregular or illegal content. APPHIVE is not responsible for the rejection from stores, however, we are required to notify the user what were the reasons for the rejection, so you can correct your app or work on a new project if you wish.

If the publication is not made due to a technical matter it will be evaluated by APPHIVE to find out if it is a design matter of the app.

To upload the app to the App Store and Play Store, each user must create an account, upload the information to the platform so that the system uploads the apps to the accounts. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the user to pay the fee of each appstore.

The fees do not include taxes, levies or tariffs imposed by the fiscal authorities, and the User will be responsible for the payment of all those taxes, levies or tariffs.

Payment plans are at Project Level, meaning, you can have several apps in the same project, and all of them will share the storage and bandwidth limitations assigned to the project.

APPHIVE's refund policy is 5 calendar days after payment, as long as the User requests a refund within this term by sending an email to [email protected]

Intellectual Property

The User accepts and agrees that the Service and any necessary software used in connection with the Portal contains confidential information protected under the applicable intellectual property laws and other regulations.

Likewise, the User accepts that the content included in advertisements of sponsors or advertisers or information published through the Portal, brands, logos, photos or advertisements are protected by copyright, trademarks, service marks, patents and other rights and property laws. Except as expressly authorized by APPHIVE or its customers, the User commits not to modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute or create works based on the content or the software, partially or totally.

The User is obliged not to modify the content in any way or to use modified versions thereof, including without limitation, obtaining unauthorized access to the services and restricted contents of the Portal.

Therefore, the user undertakes not to enter the Portal by any means other than the user interface provided for that purpose by APPHIVE.

APPHIVE respects the intellectual property rights of third parties, so its users are bound to respect them as well.

All content published on the Service by the User must comply with US copyright laws and other intellectual property laws. The unauthorized use of trademarks is not the responsibility of APPHIVE, however, the User may generate reports of illegal use of trademarks or any intellectual property right in writing to the APPHIVE contact email or through the contact form.

APPHIVE does not deliver code, files or database of the App. Meaning, the app can not be migrated from the platform, nor the code can be extracted for external development, although the user can export their data through the platform panel.

The use of the templates, their publication and content are the responsibility of the users and any misuse, reserved rights, illegal content etc. shall be removed, it can be requested by email or on the platform.

The content of the apps and the data collected are the responsibility of the person designing the app as well as the correct establishment of security rules. The User may register their App with Copyright, and if the App has a Hardware, it may be susceptible to Patent registration.

APPHIVE does not claim intellectual property rights over the material it provides to the Service. As for the User and APPHIVE, their profile and the uploaded materials remain the User's property, however, when sharing their pages, apps, databases, scripts or other resources, they accept that others see and share their Content in accordance with the policies of APPHIVE. APPHIVE is not responsible for the use of your Content by other Users.

APPHIVE does not preselect the Content and is not responsible for the Content of the User. However, APPHIVE is the sole and exclusive owner of all ownership rights and titles in the Service, as well as the name, brand and logo of APPHIVE. Its use in the Service does not confer property rights or other rights to the User.

You agree that you will not modify, adapt, copy the Service or modify any other website to falsely imply that you are associated with the Service, APPHIVE.

Notice about financial information published on the Portal

If APPHIVE publishes on the Portal any information related to financial matters, it will be for informational purposes only, and not for commercial or investment purposes, therefore, APPHIVE will not be responsible for the veracity, use, or availability of any information published in this sense in the Portal.

Therefore, APPHIVE will not be responsible or will have legal obligation for any commercial or investment decision that the User makes based on such information, including without limitation, the news, messages, warnings or any other information about companies, stock quotation, investments or securities.


The User undertakes to compensate and keep APPHIVE, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, associates or other partners and employees harmless from any claim, including attorneys' fees, made by a third party due to the content, or arising from the content that the User publishes, presents, announces or transmits through any of the services offered by APPHIVE, the use given to the service, their connection to the service, their violation of this Legal Notice or the specific Conditions of services, or their violation of the rights of a third party. APPHIVE provides the following email address: [email protected] to receive notices and communications. Notices or communications sent to an address other than that indicated will not be considered effective.

Liability limitation

The User accepts that APPHIVE, in no case whatsoever, will be responsible for any loss or consequential, indirect, special, punitive damages or other damages, or loss of business profits, commercial interruption, or other damages arising or caused by the improper use of the service, even if APPHIVE has been notified of the possibility of such damages. In no case, APPHIVE will be responsible before the User.

External suppliers

APPHIVE uses external suppliers and hosting partners to provide the Service. The platform is installed on the Firebase server, therefore, the availability of the platform is transferred to the terms of Firebase https://firebase.google.com/terms/service-level-agreement?hl=es-419

In case of updates to the Operating System or Software versions, users will be notified by email and they must authorize and implement said update in their App.

APPHIVE has established relationships with third parties that provide services or products (such as API and web services, developer tools and operating systems) that may help to use the Service and are companies that passed a use certification process of the platform. APPHIVE can establish similar additional relationships in the future. Such third-party products and services may be available through the APPHIVE website, or through links provided by APPHIVE, or directly from the third-party supplier.

Under no circumstance the activities, collections or tasks carried out by said suppliers are the responsibility of APPHIVE, and if any rule is violated, it is possible to report it through the contact email of APPHIVE.

To use such third-party products or services or to increase the functionality of the Service, you may be required to provide certain personal information, including without limitation, passwords, certificates and/or authorizations.

The connection to other platforms through API will be the responsibility of the users that use them. APPHIVE is not responsible for anything that has to do with third-party platforms.

Jurisdiction and aplicable law

If the User and APPHIVE do not resolve any dispute and/or disagreement arising from this legal notice through informal negotiations, any other effort to resolve the dispute will be carried out exclusively by binding arbitration regulated by the United States Federal Arbitration Act (FAA). The User is waiving their right to litigate (or participate in litigation as a party or member of the class) in all Disputes in court before a judge or jury. Instead, all Disputes will be resolved before a neutral arbitrator, whose decision will be final except if there is a limited right of judicial review under the supervision of the FAA. Any court with jurisdiction over the parties may enforce the arbitrator's judgment.

Customer service

To contact our Customer Service, use any of the following options:

1.- Go to the Frequently Asked Questions section available on our Website.

2.- Send a message to the email: [email protected]

APPHIVE reserves any right not expressly stated in this document.

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Privacy Notice

APPHIVE, INC. (hereinafter APPHIVE) provides this Privacy Notice to inform you that we are responsible for the collected personal data and the privacy rights of people who use APPHIVE services, based on the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility.

This Privacy Notice applies to all APPHIVE websites that have links to it. It also applies to the products and services provided by APPHIVE through said websites, our mobile applications and the applications published by APPHIVE. This Privacy Notice does not apply to any of our websites, products or services with a separate privacy policy.


APPHIVE has appointed a person in charge of the protection of personal data, who has to comply with said protection and enforce it within the organization.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices regarding your personal information, you may contact our Data Protection Officer by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or by writing to: 651 N. Broad Street, Suite 206, Middletown, DE 19709, USA


Your personal data will be used for the following purposes:

a) To contact you (for example, via e-mail) about the products you have downloaded and the services to which you have registered, changes to this Privacy Policy, changes to the Terms and Conditions of services or important notices;

b) To keep you informed about new products and services, upcoming events, offers, promotions and other information that we believe will be of interest to you;

c) To request that you participate in surveys or to request comments about our products and services;

d) To set up and maintain your account, and to do everything necessary to provide our services.

e) To monitor and prevent problems, and to improve our products and services;

f) To provide support and customer service.

g) To detect and prevent fraudulent transactions and other illegal activities, report spam and protect the rights and interests of APPHIVE, its third-party users and the public;

h) To update, expand and analyze our records, identify new customers and provide products and services that may be of interest to you;

i) To issue invoices.


APPHIVE, for the purposes indicated in this Privacy Notice, can collect your personal data in different ways: when you provide them to us directly, when you visit our website and when we obtain information through other sources allowed by law.

A. Information you provide.

i. Account registration: when an account is registered to access one or more of our services, we request information such as your name, contact number, e-mail address, company name and country to complete the account registration process. You will also be asked to choose an individual username and password to access the created account.

ii. Payment process: when you buy a service we ask for your name, contact information and credit card, debit card, pay pal information or other payment account information. When you send your card information, we store the name and address of the cardholder, the expiration date, the last four digits of the credit or debit card number, and the card's security code, usually the 3 digits found at the back of the card. We do not store the full credit card number. For a faster processing of future payments, if you have given us your approval, we may store your credit card information or other payment information in an encrypted format on the secure servers of our Service Providers.

iii. Conversations: We may record, analyze and use your conversations with APPHIVE, including e-mail, telephone and chat conversations with our sales and customer service professionals.

B. Information authomatically collected by APPHIVE.

i. Information on browsers, devices and servers: when you visit our websites, we collect information that browsers, mobile devices and servers make available, such as the Internet protocol address, browser type, language preference, time zone, URL, date and time of access, operating system, manufacturer of mobile devices and mobile network information. We include said information in our log files to understand more about the visitors of our websites.

ii. Information through our own cookies and tracking technologies: we use temporary and permanent cookies to identify the users of our services and improve the user experience. We incorporate unique identifiers in our downloadable products to track their use. We also use cookies, tags, scripts and other similar technologies to identify visitors, track browsing on the website, collect demographic information about visitors and users. We only use source cookies and do not use third-party cookies or other third-party tracking technologies on our websites.

iii. Information on application records: We collect information about the use of our products, services and mobile applications from application records and internal analysis tools. This information includes: name of the project, multimedia files (logos, images, videos), content, user data, database and information related to the user's activity on the platform, as well as the information generated to offer a good user experience.

iv. Information through forums or frequently asked questions: any information provided by the user in those areas can be read, compiled and used by other people who access them. In any case, we recommend that you do not publish any information (or use any publication system to publish the information) that you do not want to be made public on these platforms.

v. Information from location. When you add geolocation features to your app this information can be stored in our servers to allow to test the app functionality, and you are always free to delete, edit or change it.


APPHIVE does not transfer data without your consent, it will only be transferred in the following cases:

i. APPHIVE and/or its affiliates and/or suppliers (hereinafter referred to as Suppliers) may provide services and technical support to our services and users, therefore, access to your data may be provided for the provision of said services so they can (i) identify, analyze and solve errors, (ii) manually verify the e-mails reported as spam, or (iii) manually verify the images. APPHIVE will ensure that access to the data is restricted to specific persons authorized by APPHIVE. Suppliers may have access to shared data for topics related only to technical assistance or to import data to our products or services. The Suppliers will be informed about the policies in this Privacy Notice and will commit to guarantee the privacy policies on the data to which they have access.

ii. Some of our products or services allow you to collaborate with other users or third parties. Starting a collaboration can allow other collaborators to see some or all of your profile information.

iii. APPHIVE may disclose personal information and data to a third party if there is a possibility that such disclosure is necessary to prevent fraud, investigate any suspicious illegal activity, enforce our agreements or policies, or protect the safety of our users.

iv. APPHIVE may disclose personal information and personal data when required by a competent judicial authority.


APPHIVE will save your account data as long as you choose to use the APPHIVE Services. Once you cancel your user account, your data will eventually be removed from the active database on the next cleanup by APPHIVE, which is carried out every 6 months. The data deleted from the active database will be removed from the backup copies after 3 months.


Any competent authority may require APPHIVE, and the latter will be bound to abide by said instruction, to preserve or disclose your personal information and data in order to comply with any legal requirement, regulation, legal process or applicable governmental request, or even by issues of national security.


Our products and services are not intended for people under 18 years old. APPHIVE does not collect personal information from children under the age of 18 years. If APPHIVE perceives that a child under the age of 18 has provided us with personal information, we will take steps to eliminate that information. If you believe that a child under the age of 18 has provided us with personal information, write to [email protected] with the details and APPHIVE will take the necessary steps to eliminate the information we have about the child.


APPHIVE, for the management of personal data security, implements administrative, technical and physical security measures necessary to prevent unauthorized access, use, modification, disclosure or destruction of the collected information. If you have any questions regarding the security of your data, you can contact [email protected]

Each time the user provides data to APPHIVE such as passwords, credit card numbers, personal data, etc., APPHIVE will take reasonable measures to protect said information and establish a secure connection on our Website. APPHIVE employs standard technology known as Secure-Socket-Layer (SLL) to protect the transmission of payment information on the website. You can see it in the address bar in your browser window. When you access a Website protected by SSL, the first characters of the address will change from "http" to "https".


You have the right to access your personal data in our possession and know the details of their treatment, as well as to correct them if they are inaccurate, incorrect, incomplete or outdated; you also have the right to cancel them if you consider that they are not required for any of the purposes indicated in this Privacy Notice or if they are being used for non-consensual purposes or if you have terminated the contractual or service relationship or oppose the processing thereof for specific purposes:

Access right: the right to access (and obtain a copy of, if necessary) the categories of personal information we have about you, including the source of information, the purpose and period of processing, and the persons to whom the information refers.

Rectification right: right to update the information we have about you or to correct any inaccuracy. Depending on the purpose for which we use your information, you may give us instructions to add supplementary information about you in our database.

Cancellation right: You have the right to request that we delete your personal information under certain circumstances, such as when it is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was originally collected.

Processing restriction right: the right to request that the use of your information be restricted under certain circumstances.

Opposition right: right to object to the use of your information under certain circumstances, such as the use of your personal information for direct marketing.


You can stop receiving messages by e-mail or by other means by following the steps below:

- Send an e-mail to the Personal Data Protection Officer at the e-mail address: [email protected], informing of your desire to stop receiving messages by the means you request.

- The Personal Data Protection Officer will reply to the sender's e-mail address within a period not exceeding 15 (fifteen) business days.

- Immediately after receiving the response from the Personal Data Protection Officer, you will stop receiving messages by the means you requested.


To exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, you must submit a written request in the address located in 651 N. Broad Street, Suite 206,
Middletown, DE 19709, USA directly with our Personal Data Protection Officer or, through our e-mail address: [[email protected]] in a Word document, (.doc format). The request must contain the following requirements:

- Your name, address or communication means to reply to your request.

- Your official identification or documents that prove your identity, or where appropriate, the legal representation of the owner.

- The clear and precise description of the personal data regarding which you seek to exercise any of the rights.

- Any other element or document that facilitates the location of your personal data.

In case of requesting access to personal data, you must also indicate, in addition to the aforementioned requirements, a clear and precise description of the personal data to which you wish to have access.

If you request the rectification of personal data, you must also indicate the clear and precise explanation of the personal data that you wish to have rectified, as well as any document that justifies said rectification.

In case of requesting the cancellation of personal data, in addition to the aforementioned, you must specify the data that should be canceled and, if possible, the purpose for which your personal data are processed.

In case of an opposition request to the processing of your personal data, you must indicate in addition to the aforementioned, the reasons why you object to the handling.


We reserve the right to make modifications or updates to this Privacy Notice at any time, to reflect new legislations, internal policies or new requirements for the provision or offering of our services.

These modifications will be available through the following means:

- On our website: www.apphive.io

- We will send them to the last e-mail address you provided.


If you believe that your right to protection of personal data has been infringed by any conduct of our employees or by our actions or responses or presume that in the handling of your personal data there is a violation, you have the right to file a complaint with the corresponding supervisory authority, which will depend on the competent authority in each country.

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